Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thanks From Moncrief Radiation/Oncology Center

This is a note that was sent to Gina expressing the thanks from the staff to the YOH group and what we do.  Our efforts truly are appreciated!


Please forgive me for not quickly thanking you for bringing the knitted/crocheted hats recently. They are so beautiful and I have had probably 3 patients come by and request hats since you dropped them off. I continue to be awed by the volunteers who take the time to make them and I want them to know how their contribution makes a huge difference for our cancer patients. It remains a fun time for me to watch them go through them, trying them on, and pick the perfect one, two, or three! The looking and trying on brings good feelings to their day. So, please thank all of your volunteers again from all of us here at Moncrief!

Have a great weekend.