Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekly Stitch

Hello all,

Hope you are all having a great Monday!! What a night we had at Relay For Life last Friday! Despite the gale force wind and fighting to keep everything from blowing away, we had a great time, some tears, sold lots of hats and scarves, and gave away several hats to survivors. Wonderful night! We raised about $300 that night and over $3900 overall. Record year for YOH.

Mark your calendars - our field trip to Fiber Circle in Farmersville is May 15th. We will meet at the church at 10 and then carpool out there.

Meetings this week:
Summer schedule:

Our Tuesday meetings will stay the same. If you have kids, bring them along. For Wednesday night meetings, the church's regular activities are finished as of this week. We will have childcare through May 23rd. We WILL have meetings for most of the summer and I will let you know if there are any nights the building is closed. Same as Tuesdays - bring the kids along.

Current Projects:
  • Chemo caps and scarves - for adults, kids and babies. To be donated to Texas Oncology McKinney, Medical City Children's Hospital, and UT Southwestern Moncrief Center.
  • Blankets and knitted/crocheted toys - to be donated to Medical City Children's Hospital.
  • Bereavement Preemie Items: Gowns, sweaters, hats, and blankets to be donated to Medical City Children's Hospital Labor & Delivery Department. Items should be in pastel colors and sized for a 2 pound preemie. Let me know if you need help with patterns or sizing.
God bless and have a great day!