Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Preemie Clothes Needed!

Hey all,

Just wanted to pass along the following message to you.  I think I will postpone
my trip down there until the end of next week so maybe we will have a few more
things to take to them.

Forwarded message from Angela McNally, LDR nurse at MCCH:
Gina..would it be possible to obtain some more of the really small outfits in the white and pastel colors? Unfortunately we are using them up fast.

We appreciate any outfits that you can do for us. I really appreciate everything you do for us. The families love them in these outfits ...thanks Angie McNally

Thanks ladies!


The Weekly Stitch

Good afternoon all!

Well, the heat of summer is here - time to enjoy the air conditioning and stay inside to knit/crochet!!  Here is what is going on with YOH this week:
  • Tuesday - 10 AM in the Hospitality Room at FBC McKinney.
  • Wednesday night - 6:15 PM in the Fireside Room at FBC McKinney.  (I won't be able make it this week - my teen is involved with Mission McKinney this week and they have a rally at Christ Fellowship.  Let me know if you plan on being there - our group has been very small the last few weeks!)
Current Projects:
  • Chemo caps and scarves - for adults, kids and babies.  To be donated to Texas Oncology McKinney, Medical City Children's Hospital, and UT Southwestern Moncrief Center.
  • Blankets and knitted/crocheted toys - to be donated to Medical City Children's Hospital.
  • Bereavement Preemie Items:   Gowns, sweaters, hats, and blankets to be donated to Medical City Children's Hospital Labor & Delivery Department.  Items should be in pastel colors and sized for a 2 pound preemie.  Also, the nurses have requested 2 or 3 gowns or sweaters in a newborn size.  Let me know if you need help with patterns or sizing.
Take care and God bless!  Hope to see all of you soon!!