Who We Are

In 2008, Gina Hammack had the opportunity to take up knitting as her new craft due to the request of her doctor to stay immobile for several weeks. It was around this time that a few of her friends were diagnosed with cancer and other personal issues. After a prayerful knock about the head, Gina realized her desire to share her love of knitting and ministry with cancer patients and friends by making hats, scarves and blankets.

Thus, Yarns of Hope was born!

What started out with a few "encouraged" friends to meet at a local coffee shop and have the donations to go to a local oncology center has now grown into two weekly meeting locations with 80+ members and well over 2000 donations to several local oncology units, hospitals, children's hospitals and overseas orphanages on mission trips. In addition to the numerous donations, Yarns of Hope is also teaching 5th graders at Finch Elementary school how to knit and crochet. By teaching the kids how to craft, they are in turn making swatches to create a group blanket for donation. This is certainly a missions-within-missions opportunity that will affect many lives to come. Yarns of Hope actively participates as a team with Relay For Life which is partnered with the American Cancer Society.

Yarns of Hope has been blessed with so many yarn crafters of all skill levels who are wanting to share their talents in that same love of charity and paying it forward. There are knitters, crocheters, loom knitters, finger knitters, sewers... The wonderful aspect about the group is that it is a very open and nurturing environment that is open to all skill levels; if you want to learn, there is someone eager to teach.