Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Weekly Stitch

Due to technical difficulities, this message did not go out on Monday.  Sorry!

Hello all,

Happy Monday to you! What a wet and cold day it has been - a great day to sit by the fire and knit/crochet; which is just what I've done today, or at least part of it. I also have to say that one of my favorite things about knitting is giving away the things I've made, especially to my close friends. I had lunch today with my best girlfriends and gave each of them one of the ear warmers/headbands I've been working on since Christmas. They were a big hit and it was so much fun watching my friends model them. It gives me a warm feeling knowing that I can help keep their ears warm when sitting out at one of our kids' games or practices. And, just think, that is what our group is all about - giving away hats and scarves to those in need of a little warmth and love. We may never meet the people that receive our items, but I know that they are can feel the love we put into them.

Here is what is going on with YOH this week:

 Weekly meetings:
  • Tuesday - 10AM in the Hospitality Room at FBC McKinney
  • Wednesday - 6:15 in the Fireside Room at FBC McKinney (Regular Wednesday night activities have resumed, including childcare and kids' program as well as Family Meal at 5:00)
Ongoing projects:
  • Chemo caps and scarves - for adults, kids and babies. To be donated to Texas Oncology McKinney, Medical City Children's Hospital, and UT Southwestern Moncrief Center.
  • Blankets and knitted/crocheted toys - to be donated to Medical City Children's Hospital.
  • Knitting Club at Finch Elementary - the girls were off to a great start before the holidays. I can't wait to see what they can accomplish this year! We can still use more volunteers to teach as there have been a couple of times we have had to cancel because of lack of teachers. It's such a shame to have to do that - which is why we can use ANY of you to help. Any skill level is welcome and you don't have to be help every week.
God bless each of you,