Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Weekly Stitch

Hello all,

I have to say that in the 3 plus years since Yarns of Hope started on our mission, I have been overwhelmed many times - overwhelmed that so many of you ladies have joined our group and work endlessly to provide warmth and hope to those in need, overwhelmed that we have close to 100 ladies on our email list now, overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and strangers in supporting our group, and overwhelmed at all of the opportunities that God has brought our way to help others. This last month, though, I have been overwhelmed to the extreme once again. First, one of our dear sweet members, Sherri Jurak, asked that her friends and family honor her birthday with monetary and yarn donations to Yarns of Hope. The final total was $450 and 51 skeins of yarn. Impressive doesn't even begin to cover it. With these funds, we have already purchased a substantial amount of yarn to make more hats, scarves, etc. and there is still plenty left over for more yarn and supplies! If you haven't seen all of our great new yarn, be sure to come to one of our meetings soon. Secondly, just this last week, another one of our dear members, LaDonna Edwards, emailed to say that she had "quite a few" hats, scarves and toys ready to donate to our group. "Quite a few" turned out to be over 200 adult and children's hats, a whole box of scarves, and the cutest bag of hand crocheted toys you have ever seen. I had so much fun going through all of these offerings and sorting them before taking them to the cancer centers and children's hospital today. Also, the nurses and staff who received these items couldn't say enough great things about them. (I might add that items made by the rest of you sweet ladies were also delivered today and all were lovingly oohed and aahed over!) Thanks to both of you ladies, especially, and to the rest of you that continue to make Yarns of Hope the success that it is. Your hard work and dedication is amazing and such a blessing.

Now, here is what is going on with YOH this week:
Current Projects:
  • Chemo caps and scarves - for adults, kids and babies. To be donated to Texas Oncology McKinney, Medical City Children's Hospital, and UT Southwestern Moncrief Center.
  • Blankets and knitted/crocheted toys - to be donated to Medical City Children's Hospital.
  • Bereavement Garments for Medical City Children's Hospital Labor & Delivery Department: This is a brand new project that will be so meaningful to the parents of these little babies who passed away. We will be making hats, gowns and blankets all in the 2 pound or less size. Come to one of our meetings this week for patterns as well as examples of what they are looking for.
All of you ladies are such a blessing to me - thank you for all that you do for our group!