Monday, September 24, 2012

The Weekly Stitch

So, I don't recommend this one, but I've discovered another way to get in a little extra knitting time - sitting home with your kiddo while he recovers from strep throat!  Not a lot of fun for anyone involved but you do have to stay home.  And, that's a great chance to catch up on some knitting (or, in my case, browsing the internet for my next project!).  

Here is what is going on with YOH this week:

Tuesday - 10AM in the Hospitality Room at FBC McKinney
Wednesday - 6:15PM in the Fireside Room at FBC McKinney

Ongoing projects:  Hats, scarves, blankets, toys for Texas Oncology McKinney, UT Southwestern Moncrief Radiation Oncology Clinic and Medical City Children's Hospital.  Also, preemie gowns, hats, sweaters and blankets for the LDR Unit at MCCH.  

Finch Knitting/Crochet Club - We have had 4 or 5 ladies volunteer to teach - YEA!!!  However, we can still use more.  If you are interested at all, please let me or Becca Masters know.  You don't need to do it every week or be an expert knitter/crocheter to help.  You will also need to fill out a volunteer background check at  

Yarns of Hope Bible Study is in full swing.  This week we will be discussing how we are created for risk.  We will be discussing how following our dreams and finding our purpose can be risky and scary but worthwhile and rewarding at the same time.  

Take care and God bless,