Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get Ready For The Texas State Fair!

With only 144 days left until the State Fair, it's never too early to start craving those Fletcher Corny Dogs, plan for TX/OU weekend or even visit the women's exhibit hall to see what other crafters have proudly been working on for the past year for the rest of us to ooooh and ahhh over.
The official Creative Arts Handbook has been mailed out and has been received by crafters who are squealing with delight. For those that attended the fair last year and have decided that this is the year that they are going to submit, here is your chance!
This year the theme is Big & Bright and what a great theme it is as us Texans love to live up to the song! There are 124 pages worth of instruction and entry information; enough to make one calculate how many entries one person can submit (over 1100 categories in case you were wondering!)
As a disclaimer, more information about each category and entry forms can be found online at State Fair Creative Arts Competition Handbook but below is the breakdown for the important details and deadlines to be aware of before the fair begins.
  • Entry forms and fees must be received by Friday, July 27th before 5:00. They may be mailed or dropped off in person but must arrive by the 27th.
  • One entry allowed per person per class number
  • Physical projects/entries will be accepted Friday - Sunday, August 17-19.
  • Judging begings after August 19th
  • A friend may drop off/pick up entries in your place as long as they have the ticket
  • Non-winning entries are to be picked up between Sept. 12-14, Winning entries are picked up after the fair closes between Oct. 24-26.
Good luck everyone and looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions this year!

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